I’m Erin, a Pennsylvania native and an iced americano enthusiast. I love books, neutral colors, and the local church.

In his Little Book on the Christian Life, Calvin wrote that “doctrine is rightly received when it takes possession of the entire soul and finds a dwelling place and shelter in the most intimate affections of the heart,” and “in order for doctrine to be fruitful to us, it must overflow into our hearts, spread into our daily routines, and transform us within.” And I believe it’s true. I believe that there are Gospel-implications for the whole of life, that theology is both beautiful and practical, that right doctrine produces both right affection and right obedience, that what we believe about God has direct bearing on our work, our waiting, and our ordinary time. I want you to find that knowing God and His Word isn’t just for ivory towers but for ordinary faithfulness, that the Gospel really does change everything.